One of Norway’s biggest festivals for children literature

Falturiltu is a literature festival for children and young people that promotes authors and illustrators of books written in the language form called “Nynorsk”, one of two written standards in Norway, and the most common form on the West coast of Norway. Organized in 12 different municipalities, the number of events in 2019 was 99, where 85 of these were specially for children and young adults.

The festival’s main focus is to highlight creative and innovative literary events by involving the local community. During one festival week in November, the whole community – and in particular young people – become active participants in these events that take place in football arenas, galleries, cultural heritage sites, schools, cafés, stables, industrial areas, libraries, cultural centers and more.

Falturiltu had in 2019 an audience of 7000, cooperated with about 50 different organizations (non-profit, private and public) and featured 30 different artists (authors, illustrators and musicians).

Stord Arts Center has a dedicated coordinator for Falturiltu, and the festival has a programming council of five individuals with different backgrounds such as authorship, illustration, language research, cultural heritage and more.

Stord Arts Center
Stord Arts Center is located in Stord Municipality, a town of 19.000 inhabitants situated on an island on the West coast of Norway. Stord has an airport with direct flights to and from the capital of Oslo, and is also within an easy reach from from Bergen, the second largest city in Norway.

Stord Arts Center has a regional status and houses a library, cinema, cultural school, theatre stage and exhibition space. The Department of Culture in Stord is also located here and is responsible for all services related to cultural activities and heritage in the area, and works closely with non-profit, public and private organisations.

International context
Falturiltu is in the process of finding international partnerships with festivals/ libraries or similar that share the objectives of creating great literary events for a young audience. We believe that international cooperation can give us insight into a wider range of creative practices, where sharing of experience and knowledge can sharpen our competence and give better quality to the festival.

Contact information:
Coordinator Trond Onarheim
+47 911 01 239

Nynorsk barnebokfestival på Stord